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"NEKRARCHON formed in 2014 at Athens, Greece and raised as a concept band.
Band’s sound references related with extreme, dark views of black art."

1. Greetings! 
Thanks for taking time off for this little interrogation! First i like to congratulate you on the debut album release! You started activities sometime in 2014, how has the time been working on this first record?

-Hello. Thanks a lot.
We started working this record from the first moment and after two years we feel that is completed to all its aspects. During these years we were working on both the audio and the conceptual part of the album and on the idea to combine them in harmony. It was a creative period in which everything worked as it should.

2. As the concept you focus on here exists in Jewish Rabbinic literature, and Christian and Islamic scripture i get a feeling that your main direction is in the Jewish hell, for what reasons did you take this road?

-The concept of the album is metaphoric. Our real road has to do with topics like introversion, nihilism, skepticism & trancendentalism. The references to Christian & Jewish scriptures were made to emphasize what mankind can do in the name of religion and that you only have to believe in your inner truth.

3. About the album title. i read your theme description "Gehinnam was a valley where people sacrificed their children. A cursed place for the wicked. A lake of fire."...and bits of my old brain highlighted some bits and pieces of information conserning this so i did an updated research and this is my questions: 

   A. is GEHINNAM the same as Gehenna, from the Hebrew Gehinnom, are terms derived from a place outside ancient Jerusalem known in the Hebrew Bible as the Valley of the Son of Hinnom?

-Like a definition is the same but for us “Gehinnam” has a deeper meaning and represents the obscure side that everyone has.
B. And from what i understand this place name comes from around the Ahaz time and place where they sacrificed children to Moloch? What is your understanding of the use of Moloch sacrifice and its form? 

-The sacrifice was made placing the child on the extended hands of the burning statue of Moloch while the noise of drums or whatever covered the screams.
 The concept was not made to transfer the scripts. It's a tale to show the rottenness of beings when they are directed from movements like religions. They can even sacrifice their own children in order to please the deity.

4. This concept i see also as a mad metaphor that can be applicated to certain ways/path in life when a person that defies god/your boss/ parents etc and go your own way...and that leads to darkness (not that i agree with that!) and evil spirited possessions... feels like some old way of put fright in the peasants of what can happen if you are not pure and turned to the gods light... if there ever existed something like that. what is your personal stand on why this story or whatever it should be called did come into existence?
-Well, it sure is a metaphor that can be applied in life, but this is your own view and meaning. We want every listener to create a personal opinion about the concept, depending on the perception that one has. For us, darkness is a very misunderstood concept. The public opinion has been directed to believe that there is darkness and light, evil and good and all that meaningless stuff. It's a made up truth served beautifully in order to breed servants. For us you have to see beneath the words and understand that everyone has his own “darkness” and the point is to explore and evolve it. ”Gehinnam” is inside us and its story exist in every moment of our lives.

5. Great that you got snapped up by FDA REKOTZ to a first release, how did you come in contact and will there be a 12" & tape besides the cd?
-We had heard about the label and sent them our work. From the beginning we had a great contact and cooperation and we respect them for that. The album will be released also in 12’’ lp format at 1st of July.

6. Is there live gig plans for Nekrarchon? If so when and where?

-At this time, we are working on the transportation of the album into a live spectacle. We want to create an atmospheric scene on stage which will be more than just a music performance. So very soon there will be news on that part.

7. Now after this release is there some brewing plans for other future releases?

-It is too early to talk about our next work. At this point we want to give all our energy into “Gehinnam”.

8. The end is here. Last words is yours.

-Let the darkness rise from the depths of the inner mentality.

...Review of the album will be posted here soon also.

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