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Czarnobog - Forn anda náttúrunnar

Here we have a Russian one man band (but lives now in Germany) that has been active since and around 2012 and with a string of releases this is his fourth full album (from 2015).

As the bands genre description Atmospheric/Pagan Black Metal suggests one gets what one assumes and that in spades! It plays for 2 damn hours!!  You get your money worth here hehe

Ok first thing that hit me was the great wall-of-atmospheric-noise which sounds very nice and is one of the strongest sell points for this double album also, the sound puts you in the right mood and time setting with all of its crow kraxing, winds in the woods blowing and distant battles.The atmosphere is top notch.

The actual music is quite raw (but in the grand reverbing production) and semi melodic in the Pagan/ black metal path and its thundering right at you with power and hate! Great piercing vocals i must add.
 I would have been perfectly happy with Mûrazôrs music compositions if this was say an demo or Ep with 4-5 songs as they are pretty repetitive (not many riff variations or melodies inside each track) and each song is quite long also (between 7-12 minutes is common) so it gets a bit evenly thick listening to 8 songs not to mention 14 tracks! (the instrumental parts helps some here though) As it is now i feel his creations works the best in shorter releases but that can change of course....and i have not heard his older albums either so i dont know how it all worked there...

... I feel my emotional side and my analyzing side is conflicting a bit here as the music feels and sounds great but after awhile into the release my objective thinking comes in and fucks with me and the music hehe.

Either way Czarnobog delivers a strong but primitive black metal with a Pagan heart and even if it would become better with some more meat inside the songs this is something i recommend. But listen  little here and little there perhaps for best enjoyment.

I am looking forward also to the Czarnobog demo  "Wrath of the Winter Spirits" (MC)
Released on Narbentage Produktionen to 66 Copies.
Curious to see how his musicianship has evolved...

Track list:

Disc 1
1.     Die Nacht erwacht     04:17       instrumental
2.     Sigurður Fáfnisbani     08:56    
3.     Magna Germania     07:31    
4.     Von der Sehnsucht nach der uralten Zeit     09:12    
5.     Germanischer Hexenwinter     08:31    
6.     Nordmann     11:35    
7.     Im Nebelwald     09:34    
8.     Götterdämmerung     10:13
Disc 2
1.     Af svörtu töfra af galdramaður     12:34       Show lyrics
2.     Im Wahnsinn der Nostalgie     09:56    
3.     Spádómur af þeim nornir     07:15    
4.     Pagan Black Metal Storm     05:24    
5.     Forn anda náttúrunnar     10:12    
6.     Tränen der Walküre     06:52       instrumental


Released Caligo Arcanum Productions

Band link:

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