torsdag 19 maj 2016

Pestilent Death - Eulogies of Putrefaction

Here is some corpse rumbling death metal from the States!

This band trio has released some self released demos and eps since 2012 but this is their first full album!

I felt it was time to listen to some death metal after a time with much black metal, i dipped my toes in the death filled pus pool in the search for a new beast and i found Pestilent Death´s  Eulogies of Putrefaction.

First it was a bit of an adjustment time for me (thanks to all black metal) to embrace this basket case but after some spins my brain clicked into THAT place and from there it was a infecting joy ride to listen to it.

For lack of better comparison fans of Incantation will most probably lap this up, so yes PD´s sound is of a very shuddering and chunky horror death metal and every song is well made in all departments...of course this is no album sounding "fresh" or "evolved" but it is not the intention either but having said that this is not a sloppy ,muddy or primitive band either, The members knows very much what they doing.
Songs is filled with both deadly blasts (both groovy and hostile) and also some great bleak doom parts.

I especially enjoy the guitar and bass sound, how their sound fuse together into a menacing fat and crunchy sound (good texture), but drums are just as good and the vocals are very dark growling almost talkative could almost hear the lyrics hehe.

I was a bit reserved first before hearing anything when i saw them label their music as Brutal Death Metal as many of vocalist in that fields just sound ridiculous!
  Like spanked squealing pigs, dont like that and reminds me always of THAT scene in Deliverance.
So i was glad this vocalist was more in the vein of some mutated brown bear going about!

Production is clear but powerful, nothing to complain about. Good shit all around here

Recommended new death metal in the undead bloody old school way.

Best 3 songs is: 4,5,6

Track list:

1.     Prologue     01:18    
2.     Cemeterial Befoulment     04:07      
3.     Unearthly Immolations     02:57      
4.     Chainsaw Debauchery     04:17      
5.     Premonitions of Misery     07:00    
6.     The Lament Configuration     05:51    
7.     Necrocannibal (Mortician cover)     03:58    

Band page:

Self release

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