onsdag 18 maj 2016


Here is a dark shimmering diamond shard from Athens Greece!
The debut album Gehinnam from NEKRARCHON!

                                                                This albums concept is:

"Gehinnam was a valley where people sacrificed their children.
A cursed place for the wicked. A lake of fire.
An angel denies his master and commits a massacre.
Then repented falls in the shades of Gehinnam to suicide.
Because of an angel's presence the Archon awakes.
They merged and through an orison to darkness they become Nekrarchon.
The new dark Lord baptizes his disciples,raises them and lets them bear his emblem.
He prays to take the chrism from the utter God and makes eucharist with sacrificed gods.
                          Finally he orders his Kings to obey and march to spread eternal darkness."

...and it is just fair to say that they manage well to induce the expectations one gets from reading that...

A both clear and foggy soundscape is rolling over you and with it  warning signals of horror and pain is to be heard & felt, it is both somewhat a void like meditative state one falls into but also it never forgets to be hard hitting in the music department.
Sharp & sorrowful shimmering is emitting from the guitars but that can be said about the overall tone of this record really.
Vocals rumbles nicely in mid-dark dry growling and melds well with the rest, the drumming is
is tight and diverse with both some sweet intricate patters as well as some nice blastings.
The production/mixing is just right balanced so both the dissonant vibrations can rule without drowning the other instrumental dynamics.

Quite a suffocating feeling going through it from start to finish...but that is probably their intentions.
A dark twisting and shuddering  experience from the first song to the last tenth one.

A solid & well thought out debut album which rises the expectations quite some for their next release.

Listen loud in total darkness for best effect! ...well that applies to all Black Metal.

I think fans of newer hetroertzen & One Master will like this besides the random black metal zombie like me hehe

*And if you have not already read their interview just scroll down a bit here for it.

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