torsdag 1 september 2016

Espectrum - Awakening in Darkness

Proud and cold black metal from Colombia is here in the incarnation of Espectrum!

Their sound inspiration is something i would say comes from the mid 90´s when the epic black metal was growing strong (away from the most raw styles), wandering nostalgic melodies which is very traditional but at the same time strong in themselves, guitar is leading very much but also so is the croaking vocals (also some darker almost spoken vocals for slower parts), bass has a nice sound and the drums is quite playful and not only blasting or such. Good assault in other words!

I feel quite intrigued about their overall sound and existence as a kind of mystique is hovering around them... cant really put my finger on it but it feels sincere and the music is nothing they rush to least that is my impression...and they have existed around 10-11 years and only released a demo and this full album so they dont really spit out releases that is for sure. (i know they work on new stuff though which i look forward to.)

The production here is good and let all instruments shine just enough, the only real critique i have is that the vocals is used a bit to much (and it can sound a bit obnoxious, the middle range vocals sounds best to me) and drowns some parts of the compositions that would been stronger if they been only by them selves.

If you are looking for some medieval black metal with a flair of evil grandness try out this album, both a bit exotic but the same time old school.

Best tracks: 2, 3,5

Track list:

1.     Awakening in Darkness     04:59      
2.     The Whispers of the Night     08:01      
3.     Ecos     07:38    
4.     Hate     06:11      
5.     Del crepúsculo al amanecer     07:04    
6.     Laments of Death     06:37    
7.     Under the Shadows     08:02      
8.     Infernal Planets (Instrumental version) 07:36

Released by Manitú Records

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