söndag 4 december 2016

Cambion - Unfold Chaos Supreme

Damn this is an exploding and entertaining release!!!

This is a "international" group with band members from El Paso, Texas, United States / Munich, Germany that plays a blackened speedy thrash death metal inferno, as they themselves describes their sound  as "Inspired by the molten records of ancient Slayer and early millennium evil Death Metal - Krisiun, Angelcorpse, Hate Eternal, Ophiolatry, and others" ...but besides worshiping these old kings Cambions own relenting song creations glows so very bright and hard that past band inspirations dont matter.
Blasting but fun drumming and very tight and killing riffs is hurling around like a warbeast twister, vocals are evil and fits the sound perfect! It is raging from the get go and every song is filled with ambition and quality!

This Ep or demo or whatever you like to call it is just what the doctor ordered today and it will for sure last until the next attack (like Scourge of Power ?)! I cant really complain about anything it is just splendid from the start to the end!

It will blow your skin off!

Track list:
1.Bend the Knee (To Molech) 03:15
2.Harlots of Hell 02:40
3.Unfold Chaos Supreme 02:41
4.Perfected Aggressor 03:17
5.Kometen Von Czaxukluth 03:26

Now available on pro CD format (includes lyric booklet) from Lavadome Productions or directly from the band


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