fredag 6 januari 2017

Gormanudr - Old Path

Here we have the debut tape EP by Gormanudr which is a 3-member horde. (Germany / Romania / USA)

Hammering on in pestilence a dark musky waters of the old and eternal black metal era, primitive but convincing compositions runs all through the five songs, it is bleak and unwelcoming but not necessary that "raw" in production but more it has a raw delivery and soul.
A dim night sky linger constantly over the deep ancient woods and feelings of power and hate stirs up when listening to this debut tape, sure nothing new here but that is also the point.
Against the modern world!

All tracks are good but the final one (and the first) is the strongest! really strong and quite grand build up in it. A good song going to war with. All sober instruments and the harsh vocals melds together just right and nothing is really missing here... as the tape ends i feel satisfied and turn the tape and press play again.

Fans of Sargeist and similar acts will enjoy this with no problems. I look forward to future Gormanudr releases as this first offering is a promising hatefull start!

 Track list:

1.     I Am the Eternal Fire     03:11    
2.     Black Aeon     03:41    
3.     Old Path     04:17    
4.     Cryptic Winds and Desolate Darkness     03:27    
5.     Summoning the Night     04:51    

Released by Hateworks

Bandcamp link:

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