fredag 13 januari 2017

SWAMP - Underground Manifesto

Let´s travel back in time to the distant year of....2014!

Ok that is not so far off but this release could just as well been released at least 25 years that is not a negative statement but rather a hint of its sound.

They roll out the big filthy guns and blast off an album filled with old school war metal! It mixes
a nice dose from the blackened Thrash 80´s (some minor heavy metal bits i hear also)
 with the 90´s war/beastial metal. Besides from this main meat stew of evil assaults many songs includes some nice heavy slower parts that infuse a stronger overall tension, very tasty.
It is warmongery from start to the putrid end i other words but with some extra finess then many other bands in this direction dont have. Good production and all in the band delivers on point.
The negative points is not much but just as some songs could be trimmed down in time as they get a tad repetitive...looking at you "Slow as Death" haha! But its no big thingy.

All in all this is a good barbaric album and is worth getting, extra plus to the great cover art by Riddick!
Best song is easiest track seven "Epileptic Messiah" & the last one.

Track list:

1.     Intro     01:46    
2.     R.I.P. (Rest In Pit)     04:52    
3.     Underground Manifesto     03:57    
4.     Necrosadistic Disorders     04:40    
5.     Slow as Death     05:21    
6.     Wishes of the Upside Down Cross     05:39    
7.     Epileptic Messiah     04:53    
8.     Vision of the Last Judgement     04:36    
9.     Outbreaking the Boundaries of Everlasting     07:32    

*This cd is released by Atolinga Records 

And if you find it check out the split with Riddicks band Fetid Zombie, released in 2015 by Morbid Visions Music.

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