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Forgotten Soul Interview!

1. Greetings!
 Let start from the start, when and where did you start this project and do you have any
prior band experiences?

Hails to you. I, Wraith, started Forgotten Soul in January 2016, with my bassist Plague in Staten Island New York. I have not been in any other bands, and neither has Plague to my knowledge.

2.Your music sounds harsh, negative and minimalistic in terms of melodies and structures,
the riffings feel like its wanderings, searching almost... for something else... how do you see and
feel about what you create and what is important for you when you create?

- When we started we decided we wanted to have the music reflect on who I was. My music is a direct reflection of who I am.
I am a negative and harsh person, so my music sounds the same as I feel...Tortured.

3. What would you say in life have shaped you the most to start making music?
And is it to live in New York, how is your everyday life? What makes you tic?

- Suffering, and hatred. My own introspection, hate, and depression shaped me into what I am, and forced me to make music. I don't make music because I'm happy, or because it's "fun", I make music because I AM SUFFERING. Living in Staten Island New York doesn't help my mood at all. It is a very grim and depressing place to be. 
Most of the people are on heroin, and the ones who aren't are brain dead. I'm surrounded by people all the time, and I feel nothing but hate for them all. People make me tic. I HATE THEM, and I can't get away from them. It's torturous.

4.  From the first demo to the newest, is there any one of them that stood out for you or
is it always the latest you like the best or maybe you dont think/feel like that?

- I feel that with every album we improve. Because with every album I am in a different mind state, and the music fits what I am feeling at that point in time. But if you were to ask me what our best work was I would say the newest demo "Suffering Apparition Suspended Just Above Naught", and "True Necrotic", is our best.

5. As mentioned the newest demo, shed some light about the lyrics and overall direction?
And who did that nice looking logo? And it was released on tape!

- Our last album was focused on the past, depression, and HATE! Lyrically it focused on vampirism on the track "Blood Spell", and the other tracks I feel speak for themselves. My music is always negative, and the lyrics will always be dark, negative, and dismal. It was released on tape, you can buy it on bandcamp, and it will be released on a label in the near future. 
The logo was done by a friend of mine who shall go unnamed.

6. You have done two splits if i am not mistaken? One with Tahazu and one with Abandoned by Light. What can you say about these band and splits? Is there any difference in creating for you
when it is to a split?

- We did three splits, because we did two with Abandoned By Light, and one with Tahazu. I respect both bands, and am a fan of their music. I would never work with a band I do not respect, or dislike. 
I only give my time to those who are worthy of it. No I don't write differently for splits, I write what I feel.


7. How does the closest future plans look like for Forgotten Soul? And what about drums?

- Forgotten Soul will wander eternal. We have a number of local shows coming up, and we are working on our ninth album. We will continue to spread the message of evil, and negativity. I will not stop until the world is left broken and rotting, I will work until I can no longer. 
This Forgotten Soul will know no rest until the sun is blotted out from the sky, and the winter is eternal. As far as drums go, I will not add another to the band, as I mentioned earlier, Plague and I HATE people, and adding drums would mean having to associate with a human. But I will add drums, I am currently teaching myself to play, and when the time is right I will add them to my music.

8. Thanks for your time answering this interrogation!

 - Gladly. Thank you for your time.

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