måndag 8 maj 2017

Kryptus / Funerary Temple - Vile Decrepit Stench: A Plague of Filth

Down in the forgotten dry hollows of Australia you can find these two rabid dogs gnawing on their own bones....it is such an undelightful sight!

This offering (split) is called "Vile Decrepit Stench: A Plague of Filth" and it is a valid title for the content for sure!

As this tape is hurled through the chaos hole there is no side A or B so it is up to the cruel fate to decide which band you hear first haha!

For me it was Funerary Temples track that became the opener, for those who have not heard this band before i can say they play in a ultra raw fashion, vile and chaotic but the actual tempos is quite slow and i get a strong depressive feeling coming out between the noise, both in a desperate way and also a drowning way. The track is pretty long but it evolvs in a subtle and powerful  style.
One thing that i think i should mention is that even if i described this as chaotic, nois and ultra raw you will find a composed red thread through it all, it is not pure noise. it is pure hate!

Be sure to dig up this bands earlier 3 demos also, good evil stuff all the way!

Next we have Kryptus (side project from a member from  Entsetzlich, Ethereal Mist)
As this was the band i heard after Funerary Temples hard puke for me this became like an aftermath soundscape, as Kryptus has an ambient loose structure to it and dont rely on compositions rather then impulsive ghostly raw landscapes i felt like walking around among dead bodies....flies buzz around my head and the world has ended.
The three tracks from Kryptus play out more or less like this and it feels almost nice... like walking in an old tranquil cemetary after you slaughtered your own family...to chill out in other words hehe.

Another good  harsh Black metal release from Hatework Propaganda! ...As long you dont like your food cooked, only raw dishes here!

66 tape copies
33 green color & 33 black color
undisclosed number of copies comes with Miniposter and extra jcard
Label Link:

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