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Latest Caligo Arcanum releases slay!

If you like your black metal raw and obscured to hell look no further then to this Mexican witch crypt! Caligo Arcanum Production has been around some years now and their releases has always intrigued me with their total under-the-grid existence and utter foul aura!

I here present to you the three latest (more or less) releases!

First off we have Orlok! Yes this label got the honor to do the official release of this "only-to-close-friends-demo" from the Finnish goat-guru (you know who he is!), so this very first demo(Black Souls) to this Orlok project sounds great which is no big surprise, to be more precise it sounds like if you would have mixed the albums longer hypnotic and cold Dracula-riff structures with the more ugly and almost destroyed soundscapes of the 7" but recorded inside a small damp cave .(or a moldy sauna.)

I have not heard the tape split so i dont know if this first demo is similar to this or whatever...
All in all it is a very dimly lit & unwelcoming raw debut demo that i am glad that finally  is released out from the shadows into our greedy little human hands.(6 tracks, i really like this first Orlok logo also, print it on a t-shirt please!)

The second release here is the split between Vore and Herxsebet called - Of Mist Orchids and Ritual Cave Stench.

 Vore is a new (to me at least) very interesting entity that has a pretty wide mix of sound and ideas in his black metal, sure the main base is raw cryptic black metal hate but its "frames" is quite loose and more then often other stuff sips into the main picture....it sounds a bit wierd but in a good way and also it is more structured and composed then you would think first. Vore is a band to keep an eye open for!
So next after this comes the one and only Herxsebet!
It is a little strange bands to have a split together but whatever i like both sides but i like them for total different reasons, Vore i like from a more traditional musical angle and Herxsebet is perhaps for the opposite way!
If you have not heard Herxsebet i can tell you that it is a total deconstructed ugly ritualistic black metal that is not suited or enjoyed by the random BM fan and it should not be either. Even me that has heard some releases (and Krypthall also) cant just put his music on anytime and go nuts haha! no this "music" requires the right emotional state for it to really be able to melt into your ears/brain/thoughts/feelings.
It can be everything sometimes and nothing other times.
(Vore 3 tracks/ Herxsebet 6 tracks. Nice art and layout here but all the titles  looks great!)

Last but not least we have Byyrth! This is a 2-member band from the States.

This is their debut full album "Saviors of Armageddon", i did not hear the first demo from 2016 but either way this album is both intriguing and pretty solid. It has a quite grand ancient rusty feeling to the atmosphere with some good main riffs that is rotated to good effect in most of the songs, drums hammer like there is tomorrow.... vocals is disted and raw, sounds good and works nice to the music but it could have been a bit less of it so the musical compositions could breath some more but that is a minor critique.
On track 4(and 8) it slows down some and gives the album some good overall dynamic, grim and vampyric atmosphere. Track 6 ambient soundscape is also a nice touch.
After hearing this i feel interested in seeing what they will have in store for the future as i feel good things will come from them.
(8 tracks)

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