måndag 29 maj 2017

Varulv - Sagenlieder

Last time i heard something from this Austrian horde was their great second album "Wolfszorn" so coming from from that release i had pretty high expectations for this third full length.

I was not dissapointed luckily!
The band (which is only 2 members now?) continues to play in their traditional way combining icy middle fast - middle slow second wave black metal (with a clear early Norwegian influence with some hints of pagan here and there) but this time around compared to the previous one they have toned down the aggression (both in speed and production) and have a more heavy focus on cold sombre landscapes.

For me one of the high points of last album was just their aggressive attack mixed with their grand but bleak guitar compositions so first i was a little put back listening to this new record....but after the third and forth spin it was no longer a problem for me as the actual music popped up & became clear for me, as i said this album has a more subdued tone and it almost feels like the members has some extra weight on their shoulders in real life...i might be wrong but that is the feeling i get....either way it is a positive thing to me as it feels more real, more flesh and bones to gnaw on.

Even though it has an overall a downbeat atmosphear their old grand and ancient tunes comes through and in the end the experience here is a worthwhile one to take, the cold forest and mountains on the cover (and through the whole production design) resonates exactly what you hear so thats perfect.

As i cant speak or read any of their language i cant really comment on lyrics but from the little i got out from some research i think at least some of the songs is based on old poetic texts etc which is nice and fits Varulvs image greatly.

My personal favorite tracks is 5,6,7, first two is in the long and slower epic style but with some nice and extra effective guitar compositions and the third one is the best up tempo attack song on this release, good bloody stuff! ah and the production is well rounded evenly mixed but not too polished.

 (bone not included)

So all in all it is a solid album (that builds up through repeated listenings) that is worth checking out! And for the already fans of Varulv there should be no stopping you to buy it!

track list:
1.     Knochenkult     05:02    
2.     Der Teufel nahm sich eine Dirn     04:31    
3.     Vom schwarzen Flößer     06:03    
4.     Irrlichter     05:21    
5.     Der Wassermann     06:13    
6.     Die Trud     08:02    
7.     Festmahl der Hobagoaß     03:13    
8.     Im Graben     04:44    
      Total: 43:09   

Released by : Talheim Records

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