söndag 21 januari 2018

Moribund / Funerary Temple - Altars of Disease and Mortem

Here is the third split tape with Funerary Temple from last year, last times they "splitted" with Kryptus and Megalith Cave and now it is with a band called Moribund. For me this is a new band but they have already done some demos and splits (with Irae for an example) so i was intrigued on what they would puke up.

First FT kicks of with two pretty long noisy tracks, very organic and almost rehearshal-ish in production. It´s both hellish and demented in a crawling corpse fashion that rubs me the right way.
The songs hammer on and builds up to climaxes and vocals screams and wails (a bit away) pretty free over/under the mix, and not unusual for this type of "LLN" music is that parts if not the whole seems like its improvised....to keep the true beast of impulse alive and the unpolished hate of direct creation i guess and it works fine here. FT has be building up its own world quite fast these recent 2 years and for each release i heard i have gotten bigger respect for them.

Now over to Moribund, they have an even more rawer sound that almost is destroyed, their composition is more a structured one and has a melancholic atmosphere but also a bit upbeat (drums and guitar is the main drive force, a ghostly clean keybord part is a nice inclusion on the second track) in the  rythm department. Vocals mumbles away pretty deep in the "production" so they dont do much effect, it sound dirty as hell and the main tunes of importance is heard enough to keep clear impression for the the listener i think...as long as you enjoy ultra raw stuff. Even the GG Allin cover sounds good...not that i hear much of the original in here though hehe.
All in all Moribund was a nice experience and i would not hesitate in the future to pick up something from them.

Released by: Hatework


Side A
1.     Funerary Temple - Laborious Undulation Emanating form the Void        
2.     Funerary Temple - Grave Spirit Worship within Chambers of Rot        
Side B
3.     Moribund - Deathvoid of Negative Emissions        
4.     Moribund - Adulations of Morbid Offerings and Necro Sorcery        
5.     Moribund - Commit Suicide (GG Allin Cover)

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