torsdag 7 februari 2013

Witchrist - The Grand Tormentor

Today it is time to revisit one of last years best blackened death/doom albums namly  Witchrists - The Grand Tormentor!!! (from New Zealand)

This corps smelling ritualistic bulldozer is really something!

It all starts with the mountain heavy & sludgy "Into the Arms of Yama", it sounds like some giant is slowly waking up and he is not in very good mood!

The after this the tempo is cramed up a bit and slams a lot of insane riffings in your face without loosing its fat low-end style, most of the songs do the "Mad fat sludge stompings with sudden cracks of furious solos and killng speed feasts".... but it never gets predictable. It works bloody fine!
The singing is  very deep and disgusting and is made for just this kind of chrushing music mass!

It is maby not their simplest album to grasp (the first one "Beheaded Ouroboros" was a bit easier to get into...)
but it certainly pays off to stick with it, many details will surface and the grand tormentor will become visible!!!

My favorite tracks is 2,6,7,10

Track List:

1.     Into the Arms of Yama    
2.     The Grand Tormentor    
3.     Meditation for Sacrifice    
4.     Wasteland of Thataka    
5.     Exile    
6.     Beyond Darkness and Death    
7.     The Tomb    
8.     Tandava    
9.     Cast into Fire    
10.   Funeral Lotus    

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