fredag 1 februari 2013


Here we have the debut album from the New York/Jersey duo Diabolus!

This first outing is baptised in part of 90´s primitive satanic blasphemies  and i also hear some inspirations from raw and cold Finnish acts like Satanic Warmaster and the hatefull Australian hords like Pestilential Shadows.

The actual content here is traditional anti-christian adolescence (lyrics & vibe) coted with a somewhat depressive mid tempo fuzzy tremolo atmosphere, yes it is nothing new under the black sun but it has enough of personal internal potential, the twelve songs trashes on and half way in you feel the inverted cross drips of unholy blood and thats just what this is about.

I feel that if this duo continues with this activities and deepen their knowledge of the left hand path (and thus makes the lyrics more personal) and expands some more in the melancholic and melodic department they will release something very interesting.

The tracks that i think stands out now is track 1, 6, 11.

Ps. Extra plus to the amusing sample of Vargs church burning speech (track:4).

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