onsdag 6 februari 2013

Begrime Exemious - Visions of the Scourge

This second album from the Canadian Begrime Exemious exudes of confident animosity.
This mix of late 80´s malevolent death metal & some  early 90´s black metal is mastered here and is the best this group has made. (so far!)

Take some gory Autopsy and early trashy Mayhem & Darkthrone and throw it into a grinder and out comes a new living dead with the Visions of the Scourge.

I´m a bit short on time here but hunt it down if you have not heard it already! It is bloody & dirty great!
The sound is a well tuned organic production and sounds like a good live uptake almost.

I just turned up the inside drawing on this photo, it is the same album. :)

Track list:

1.     Incestuous Servitude    
2.     Oath of Impiety    
3.     Chasm to Obscurity    
4.     The Vault of Ancient Bone & Poison Saliva    
5.     Perverted Decadence Churning    
6.     Sacrament of Virgin Flesh    
7.     Vengeance Bestowed    
8.     Relic of Befouled Incantations (One secret song is lingering after around ten minutes)   

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