måndag 11 februari 2013

Katharsis - 666

I adore all of Katharsis releases! I just HAD to get that of my bony chest...ho ho ho.

Well thats true and this debut album "666" from them is like their first real doorslammer into Hades!
Even if its not 100% perfect all around it is a worthy & strong debut for a group that would later release some of the best BM albums of the 00´s!

Here they still worship the sound of the second wave and "666" sound very much like “Under A Funeral Moon” from Darkthrone.... for me thats not an problem rather the opposite AND even if the production sounds like that the material itself has much of personal power in its own... so it does not feel like some tired copycat etc.

From the get go they release some mad chaotic destruction and everything feels just right, pure black metal all the way!

For me i like track: 1,2,5 & 6 the best...."raped by demons" is also good but i find parts of it uninspiring... but its fun that he screams "Fuck me!" in the end of that song! (did he get his wish fullfilled?) sorry for that. ;)
"The black grail" is good too and gives the album some nice variation in song structure but the mentioned favorite tracks screams much louder for me so i use to forget it a little & thats a shame.

But overall this is a great purchase in any way you see it and it is also "fun" to have all their albums/Ep when you see their satanic evolution into the masterfull cosmic devastation. (VVorldVVithoutEnd & Fourth Reich.)  

Track List:

1.     666 (Hohelied der Wiedererweckung)    
2.     Thy Horror    
3.     Raped by Demons / Massacrament    
4.     The Black Grail    
5.     Lunar Castles (Harvest)    
6.     Nazarene - Into the Flame    

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