onsdag 30 juli 2014

Kryptus - Doom Night Warrior

Here we have the first demo "Doom night Warrior" from Australian based Kryptus!
The name of the game here is blackened noise with a hint of black metal.

The name Kryptus is very fitting for two reasons, one: it sounds like this is a secretly recorded (in safe distance) ritual in a damp crypt.
Two: the actual music/sound/noise is cryptic and unwelcoming but given some time and not
trying to actually listen to it the sound landscapes glides through your mind in a hypnotic way and for me
it was meditative in a creative way.... in other words it helped me to come into my right mood to draw/paint some art.

Its sound waves does not overpower the nerves/ears like some noise that goes for blasting your brains out instead this has a lurking hostile lumbering essence to it that draws you in and down the hatch. Distant metal chuggs and witching howls...

--No way out--

Track List:

1. Realm of true black Evil
2. Doom night Warrior
3. Death march to Armageddon

A split with Entsetzlich is in the works also.


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