fredag 4 juli 2014

Plaguestorm - Bestial Exekution

As soon as the bitchin riffs starts on the first song "Whores of Christ" i knew this was great!

Nothing new and original but good in the old school way as in the first wave alá Venom & Bathory and also evidence is here from Motörheads clear influence over the black metal world!
So i guess you get a firmly close idea on which PlagueStorms weapon look & sounds like!
But besides from this "worship" i hear easily that these dudes has much of their own & personal power and fright!  

The production is also fitting as it sounds as if they where playing to some extent in an burning cathedral or temple, so yeah there is quite much of harsh atmosphere and the feeling of sinister "space"  surrounding the wholeness of it all.
It is like an endlessly rolling witch bitch with her claws out and rips up the holy earth as she goes on...

And after listening to all the blistering guitars and hellish war drums with ghastly vocals combined this three song debut is an evil tease i say! Get it anyways if you can!

Gladly i just heard that Plaguestorm is already work on new music! So lets hope it contains more brimstone tracks on that release.

Bring it on!

Track list:

1.Whores of Christ 02:15
2.Bestial Exekution 04:28
3.Pestilent Death 04:34

Released on : Old Axe Cult Records

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