fredag 18 juli 2014

Kryptus Interview!

1. Hails and greetings Skull Moon! 
How is your gloomy day? 

- Hails to RAW WAR!! Thank you for this interview. 
My days… just another foot forward into the grave! 

2. As I understand Kryptus is a new entity, when did it surface? 
And describe Kryptus cracked soul.

- Kryptus was envisioned in the earlier months of 2014, the first demo released at the start of July. 
The “music” of Kryptus is black metal/noise, absolute fucking darkness is audio format. 

3. How do the creation process look like for this kind of black noise? 

- I create & I destroy… 

4. What kind of equipment do you use? 

- A poorly tuned Jackson flying V copy, Yamaha bass, distortion & reverb pedals, low quality microphone, distorted voice & ominous sound samples/recordings. 

5. How would you say the personal risk & reward is for you after completing a Kryptus spell? 

- The darkness escapes my being, and it leaves its impression on others. 
The shadow spreads… 

6. As for the nice dark fitting raw art/design do you do that yourself too? 

- All artwork for Kryptus is created by myself, it first began purely as an art project, the “music” developed from there. The artwork on the first demo “Doom Night Warrior” was taken from a sketch I created, which was influenced by the great Krawczyk Stanislav & his dark arts. logo of Kryptus is though by Bloodoak from Mardraum.

 7. Is there some split on the foggy horizon for Kryptus? 

- Yes, a split is in the works with another Australian band, Entsetzlich – the split which will feature slightly more refined version of tracks from the demo tape as well as all new Entsetzlich tracks. Should be out later this year via Wolfsvuur Records. 

8. How has the response been for the debut tape? 

- Limited copies (14) were made available, and all have sold out. Mostly via trades with likeminded individuals. Response has been good, people seem to find black metal & noise an intriguing combination. 

9. How does the rest of the year look like? 

- This year will see some more releases, a split and possibly another demo tape as well before this year ends. 

10. Thanks for this interrogation Skull Moon! 

- Thanks to you RAW WAR Zine!! 
 Keep the flames of hatred alive and burning!!

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