torsdag 31 juli 2014

Liklukt - Bay of Kings

 Whenever you know anything or not about the tragedies that went down in Ester 1 mine (i sure dont know anything about it) you will get into this album with ease that if you like "turn-of-the-century" death metal!
... Well to only say "turn-of-the-century" would be wrong because many tracks has a old school vibe to them...

With a precis sound production that is very much crystal clear and violent but not overly clinical Liklukt slashes through each song with much strength & groove.
All hell break lose in an oceanic fashion!

Most songs goes in mid or slightly over mid temp with much variations in the guitar department as well as the blasting drums, vocals is in mid growling but feels a bit more old school then the actual music as well as it could also fit some black metal bands but it works just as great.

It is not directly death & roll like Entombeds great "Uprising" or the alike but quite close anyways, the headbanger itch pops up more then often.

As i dont know any others how claims the "King" of bays i can easily agree with Tapir & Sigar that they are the Bay of Kings!
Blasting waves of death between your ears!
This is one album to sink the hook into!
Embrace the black cold liquid depths!

 Pick out tracks is: 2,3,9

Track list:

1.     Kongsfjord (Intro)     
2.     The Bloodline          
3.     Coal          
4.     Ester 1          
5.     Encased in Darkness     
6.     The Endless Tomb          
7.     Coffins          
8.     Usurper          
9.     You Never Forgot          
10.     Bay of Kings          
11.     Into the Deep (Bonus Track)         

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