tisdag 26 maj 2015

Iter Pactum Interview!

1.Greetings! Thanks for putting some time off for this! You seem to be a pretty busy beast i say!

- Thank you. I am quite busy with the project indeed, and I try to almost always be either recording or releasing something.

2.Lets take it from the start! As your first release surfaced in February last year i assume that you where a bit active even the year before putting this entity together or?
Besides that what kind of motivations did push you towards black metal and this dark path in general?

- I did actually have a project before Iter Pactum, but there was never any material released for it.
Iter Pactum started out as a side project to this one, but soon became my main project after releasing the demo and shortly after, the full length Ritual. It’s hard to say exactly why I chose the path of Black Metal, but it just seemed natural. I was not able to express myself and my ideas within the other genres of metal...

3.As it really makes reason to create black metal alone as it should be an egoistic enlightenment...
 but was the move to solitude activity a conscious move or did you have former band members that did not "work"? 

- I never had band members before starting the project, and I never have during it.
It was a conscious decision to have this as a one-man project. A few times I
have thought about having live members, but as for now I think that will never happen.
Iter Pactum is not a live band.

4.How do you describe your style of BM to people that not have heard it?
And would you say you create much out from your direct impulses rather then
polish and re-polish the music/lyrics.... as you manage to kick start last
year with such a big bunch of releases?

- I personally would simply call it Black Metal. There are too many sub-genres and
bullshit already, as in my mind either its Black Metal or it’s not. If I had to
describe my style however, I might call it atmospheric, minimalistic, raw…

As for the second part of the question, yes I do create a lot from my direct impulses.
 It’s not often I re-write or polish anything at all, as I feel it takes away from how I imagined it as it was written. Ritual was recorded all in one go, during one week in February. I believe I did not re-record a single
instrument on that entire album.

5.How would you describe your personal vision of Lucifer, Satan and Norway's BM-past?

- I believe that Lucifer, Satan, or whatever you want to call it is a symbol and nothing
else, and that it is man-made like every other religious entity.
However I believe this symbol to be something very powerful, something that man should strive towards being. As far as Norway’s Black Metal past goes I have nothing to comment…

6.And is there some difference between the Norway´s northern BM music to the southern one?
 What active bands would you say is the good main ones nowadays in your country?

- I am not too focused on today’s bands, except for a few that I know personally, therefor I do not
have much to base my assumption of any difference on. I believe there are a lot of good bands
lurking in the underground, and I am not able to name only a few.

7.Which of the two full length do you prefer yourself and what can you say is the story
 behind the song "Eighteen Stones " from your second album "Bringer of Evil"? 

- I do prefer Ritual because of its atmosphere, but I will say I would have chosen Bringer
of Evil had it not been for the way I mixed the vocals. I do not like to talk about the meaning of my songs. I believe that is for the listener to figure out, but I can tell you it’s generally about man and religion.

8.How did you come in contact with the Swedish band Flavros?

- Through a friend of mine, who told me they were looking for someone to do a split with.
I am always interested in putting out more music, so of course I said yes.

9.What can you say about the latest split you did with Evig Hat? When will it come out?

- The split with Evig Hat was something we had planned for some time, but due to problems
with the writing and recording of my third full-length it was delayed quite a bit.
As for the music, you can listen to it yourself, as it is already released.

10.Well the end is here! Whats Iter Pactums closets plans?
last roar is yours!

- My closest plans is to focus on my newest release, my third full-length album «Kuldens Vrede»
which can now be bought through LIK-Records. The digital release is only a day or two away, as well.
Other than that, I already have begun working on a new album, and I have several splits coming up in the future.

Thank you for your time.
Hails from the mountains of Norway!
- Iter Pactum

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