lördag 16 maj 2015

Taran - Selftitled

It has taken quite some time for this Polish thunder-horde to spit up their first full length (they formed in 2002) but here it is and its a proud blood drooling beast!

As most of you know the Polish Bm-sound is very grand and blast beated to a punch...pun intended.
 Taran follows by all means this path but along the way it has refined and "polished" that aural culture quite nicely  as this 9 tracked (track 10 is an good Immortal cover) record avoids many trap doors that many past bands has fallen in like becoming just a barrage of overpowering drums and forget to really write a song or worse record the drum sound like it sounds like some mad man hitting on tin cans!

Taran has of course a familiar militant demonic vibe (fans of Behemoth & 1349 etc take notice) but they have made it all much more rocking and tight, they put in enough variations & dynamics into each song that time flies faster then a fart and that is not a bad thing by all means!

Both conviction and satanic attitude flows good together with what they created and with this album they will open some new eyes and ears i am sure, i hope they will keep at it now and crawl deeper down the well and find more personal dark visions to make Taran even higher and get more versatile and multi layered (content wise) for next release.

 Get it i say!
Best songs: 2,6,7

Ah! a nice unintended or intended David Lynch reference with the "Fire walk with me" lyrics in the second track. Love that movie so i guess they already got me from the start. hehe

Track lis:

1.     Intro         
2.     Reign of Hellfire         
3.     Dominus Muscarum         
4.     March of Shadows         
5.     Divine Plague        
6.     Popioły 2014 A.Y.P.S.         
7.     The Black Mark         
8.     ...of Sin         
9.     Outro         
10.     Unsilent Storms in the North Abyss (Immortal cover) 

Released by Odium Records

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