tisdag 7 juli 2015

Dødsskuggen Interview!

Great to have you here!
From what i understand Dødsskuggen is a new band and you are the sole inventor and ruler of it?

- Hail, great!
Yes, this is, I play the guitars, bass, keys, vocals and programming the drums.
2.Can you tell a bit about the way towards the start of the band
...and what drove you on?

- I always have been into the music, and of course the Black Metal, playing in some bands, and last year I decided that was the time to start my own project, on my own ideas and feelings.
3.How is the city you grown up in general & regarding black metal?
Is it some bands also one should know about in your region?

- Well, not so much to say, small place, far from everything... no pubs, no more bands, maybe two or three, but I can't remember now.
4.What can you say about the first demo released last year "Dauden"?
I liked it and its pretty dense negative atmosphere. For me the three songs feels like a 3-step drama, first exploring the unknown then confronting death itself then at last linger in limbo wondering if one is dead or not. What where your goals doing it?

- I think it is a good material, Black Metal in the line of 90' maybe?! I don't know, is hard to talk about my own music, Black Metal with dark passages, negative atmosphere as you said, angry vocals. I really think you describe it very well and don't let my words explain by myself hehehe.

5.Did you do some physical copies of the demo or is it only digital?

6.Have you been in contact with some label for future Dødsskuggen releases? If so which?

-Not, I have talked with some labels, some of them are not interested and some of them I don't like the deal they offer for it.
7.Regarding the next creation what can you say about the music?
Will it be a "un"natural continuation from the demo themes or?

- I have started work in the new songs and sounds like "Dauden", in the line of "Det ukjende" and "Er eg daud?", I don't think will be more songs so fast and aggressive as "Djevelen er her", but we never know how will it be before it's done.
8.Planning on making Some merchs?

-Absolutely not.
9.As i am a damned Swede i wonder if you have some band from my country you like? hehe

- Yeah, of course I do, Lord Belial, Ophthalamia, Ancient Wisdom and more...

10.Thanks for your answers, and best of luck!

-Thank you too so much!!

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