söndag 26 juli 2015

Gigim Xul Interview!

(1)  Hailz!
Thanks for taking time for this little interrogation!

2. First i like to know how Gigim Xul got together?
How did your ways meet and if i understand correctly you are only two members in the band?

- Well Gigim Xul choose to keep the band with only 2 members, because of difficulties of finding people that could fit in and handle our music. So for now, the band will only release music and maybe in the future the band will go live again.

3.How did you come up with this nice name Gigim Xul? it fits i know hehe,
 As i understand is Sumerian for Demon or evil Spirit. was there other band names that
was in consideration?


- The name Gigim Xul is an ancient name from the sumerian mythology. It means evil spirit, and this obviously explains what the band is and what the band will become. 
The spirit comes from the band's soul and then fills the listeners with the purest form of musical art. 

4.How would you describe your beliefs?

- When it comes to the typical question everyone asks black metal band's, "what is your beliefs?", I would like to point out that i am not a pathetic copycat that tries to recreate the 90s. 
The band has not and will never have a satanic or pagan message. 
We instead question our psychological subconscious and hint of anti religious themes .

5.At the end of last year you released the first 4-track demo "Beyond the Grave", a good
and cold release i think.(not that i am really surprised when i saw a member from Man Gremmes Kan was involved.) both primitive and negative but with hints of melancholic compositions.
How was it to record this one? 

- Beyond the Grave was the band's first release ever. It was produced by Venomenon, the man behind the black metal band Man Gremmes Kan. He also contributed with some vocals on both Asphodel and Beyond Life. Over all the EP was a success. We did get our self signed up with the german label Ewies Eis, which we are satisfied with.

6. I saw news that your first album will be released this winter!
What can be said about this beast? 

- The upcoming album will have around 6-8 track. On the musical side, it will have a more BM/DM style, than our previous work. But it will still have the cold and grim sound of Norwegian black metal. The biggest change will be that Kristian, the vocalist on Beyond the Grave, will not take part in this project. 
Because of him moving out of town. So the main vocals will then be done by Venomenon from Man Gremmes Kan, and some add vocals will be spoken from another grim character that goes under the name of Cranii.

7. How is life in Stavanger? 

- Outside of music-------- no comment 

8. Here is a silly question...if you knew you would get away with it whom would you like to "end"?

- You are asking me if I could end something and then get away with it? 
Hmmm that's easy, I would smash the gates of mecca and then blow up the hole shit of course.

 9. So whats up next besides the album in Gigim Xuls chamber?

- For now the album is the first priority. 
Besides that I would maybe consider playing live with the band again. Sentauruz (composer of Gigim Xul) 

The end of the road is here.
Thanks again & best of luck!

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