torsdag 2 juli 2015

Slaktare - Journey into Darkness

This Bavarian maniac has here composed his first full length album! After 2 demos 1 Ep and one compilation this journey into Darkness has begun!

As this is my really first thorough listen to a release by Slaktare (means Butcher in Swedish) i cant compare to old stuff from him but now i feel inclined to do so more then ever...

Anyway this is a great versatile album with a mix of Nordic second wave BM but also the Germanic blood is evident here in both sound, structure and vocals. It is quite melodic and dramatic from start to finish with much effects and stuff besides regular instruments that makes the experience very demonically grand & a strong stable production that back it up is a plus.

One could get the idea from the song titles that this music would be some kind of DSBM but its not this is more offensive & defensive rather the crying defenseless, the songs rolls over you and does not look back...

Each song escpecially in the start of the record has much stuffed inside them, inspiration & energy seems to be quite expansive & intensive for these butchers. some clean vocals that i will always have some issues with is found here and there but not so much it would ruin my day. hehe

I would say the first song and last songs is far the best ones here but no song feels like a filler either so thats nice, track 6 is one and only "slow" song that is the one that could reminiscent most as a DSBM but it has a nice build up to it and grows after some spins.

Production design and art is also good looking and rounds of the whole album nicely. The new logo is great as well.

A good blasting beast album in other words!

Track list:

1.     Journey into Darkness        
2.     Satanic Insanity         
3.     Psychotic and Fucked Up        
4.     Souldestruction         
5.     The Mystic Fog of the Soulless Being        
6.     Laubfall II        
7.     Built on Ruins

Released by Misanthropic Art Productions

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