måndag 6 juli 2015

Bestiality - Stuck in Bestial Vision

If you like to get a fornicating dose of devilish Polish thrash metal look no further!

Right off the bat this album (wonder why it says Ep?)  injects you with a lethal amount of blistering old school riffings in the great vein of Bathory (no wonder they include a cover here and its also very splendid one!) and similar bands (reminds sometimes of Nifelheim also), sure this band is worshiping the past but they feel enough genuine and true to themselves (not that i know them though...) that its no problem buying their sincerness.

All songs is more or less in the higher end of the speed limit and the satanic thrash ingredients is riding high
on the rolling musical waves!
All the songs is tightly composed with no filler parts or so only Mortalist did get a little boring but thats just its compared to the rest of the great tracks!
Guitars and vocals is king here but the rest is just as good and as a whole its just right! Production is fitting and i cant find much to complain about hehe...ah well its not a complain but the songs "Raped by the Devil" & "Way of the Cross" which is also some of the best songs here share some almost identical vocal part at the ends hehe but hell it sounds good anyway.
Head banging madness will erupt!

Best tracks: 1,3,8

I would like to see them live here in Sweden also, looks like a bloody great time!

Track list:

1.Ode to the Dead / Tales from the Crypt        
3.Raped by the Devil         
5.Hades (Bathory cover)         
6.Visions of Doom        
7.Blood Red Like Sodomy         
8.Way of the Cross        
9.Ritual Genocide

Released by Old Temple

Band FB link:

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