måndag 18 januari 2016

Panzergod - Deathshrouds Bestowed

From the US of A this dämonischen Truppen - Panzergod - has been pestering the living world since 2002 and have 3 demos, 1 Ep and 2 full lengths under their belts...and the one i bleed for here is the sophomore album "Deathshrouds Bestowed"... well i got corrected, it is actually their 3rd album this! Damn Metallum info haha!

Some of the background the members here (Daemoniis Ad Noctum, Death Fetishist, Suspended by Hooks & SkullSplitter) reveal quite good what to expect from Panzergod and that is some thick misanthropic black metal stew that want you to choke on its raw meat more then anything!
Besides the obvious 2nd wave BM there is quite much obscure personal touches (inspiration can of course be found from their home country but also from Scandinavia) here with some well written compositions thats both somewhat depressing but also melodic without being zappy or anything, bleak yes but also has blistering attacks of aggression that grows nicely with repeated listenings.

Song 5 is a favorite with a muddy mid tempo ugliness intertwined with some great grand guitar parts and hard drumming. Quite long but its just for the better here.
Vocals through out is more or less in a raspy classic hateful style with some extra deep parts here & there for good measure. Besides this song i like every track & there is really no fillers only good satanic mayhem!

Production is just right with all instruments getting their spot in the black light and the negative stream is never strangled in anyway. Good flow

Good shit!

Released by Exile Music(k)
Band link:

Track list:

1.     Dominating Angels     05:07    
2.     Deathshrouds Bestowed     04:22    
3.     Scars of the Ultimate Downfal     03:44    
4.     Ejaculation Upon the Holy Light     06:11    
5.     Broken Pile of Flesh     07:12    
6.     Conjuring the Angles of Oblivion     05:52    
7.     Doctrine of the Fullmoon Hordes     05:44    
8.     Rites of Walpurgisnacht     08:18

Angels to some, demons to others.

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