söndag 3 januari 2016

Reffus - Eternal Misanthrope

Here is a new entity from England called Suffer....i mean Reffus (members from bands like Nahemia, Mørktår, Sykelig Englen) and they have here concocted an brew of traditional depressive black metal, nothing new here but it was surprisingly comfy to listen to... perhaps not what its supposed to be but i felt quite relaxed having it flowing through my head as i work on some cover artworks (last spin i was working on Idolatrys coming full length). Maybe there is something wrong with me (of course it is...) but if you are new to this DSBM genre this could get you down if that you where looking for.

That said i still think it validates as a negative art form as it incorporates much of the details this style has in its  open wounds and also they do it without irritate (as many of DSBM bands do with to childish silly cries and sulks and just terrible bad song writings) and bore you... yeah they have manage to compose some adequate dark songs with more of a mental (i point at you vocalist hehe) raw introverted aggro vibe rather then depressive and that (for me) can be signs of something that can bloom out to something special...the bleak future will tell.

Production is a mix of clean and raw and the actual music is a mix of semi slow and some faster bits, feels like a rugged mind thats being dragged down into the dark then pushed out then in again.

As of now this is only a digital self release but i hope some snatches it up and releases it on tape. (dont know why i am always wanting this type of music to be on tape but thats how i feel)

Track list:
1.     Death Sentence     07:54    
2.     Born Dead     02:15    
3.     Eternal Misanthrope     06:51    
4.     Thorns of Insignificancy     05:34    

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