söndag 17 januari 2016

Weltschmerz - Odium Humani Generis

From the world-weariness in Netherlands comes this first full length from Weltschmerz, They started releasing stuff in 2009 with an Ep then in 2011 the pushed out a promo and a split and they also at some point appeared in some Compilation cd... and this very album finally was hatched in 2014 released by the trustworthy Immortal Frost Productions.

I have no direct experience on their previous creations besides i new they played some kind of black metal...and that was of course a correct hunch but what hit me was that these demons has a quite broad spectrum of inspiration which reflects clearly through out "Odium Humani Generis"!

Yes their fundamental basis is 2nd wave BM but i hear much more incorporated here like some pagan some heavy metal some post/avantgarde & some minor death riffs mixed into an unholy and very personal sound. Vocals are very articulate and sometimes almost talkative but with a nice raspy touch and it fits the music well.

First spin i felt it was a bit to sedate atmosphere (it is though mostly played in mid-speed or slower) to it all and the blasts and riffs did not came out like other stuff i like but the next spin i realized that it was much  fault to the production/mixing because it muffles and dries out much of the guitar and drums, so after that i could listen with a better ear i guess haha and the actual compositions that lingered in this  mix  got a bit clearer.

By all means this is well worth investigating as it is both enough creative and aggressive & dipped into Weltschmerz own special hot sauce.

Best songs for me is: 2, 6 & 8

Track list:
1.     Ab Æterno     05:30    
2.     Ending Your Life     03:14    
3.     None of Us Will See Heaven     05:52    
4.     Mysterium Iniquitatis     04:29    
5.     Homo Homini Lupus     05:43    
6.     Geschrei in der Nacht     05:50    
7.     Asmodeus     03:27    
8.     The Night Is My Domain     07:50    

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