torsdag 28 april 2016

Daemoniis Ad Noctum - Shade

Here is another vile slab of hostile meat from last year that should not be left unnoticed!

This 4-piece band (USA, Portland, Oregon) has a strong and diverse background with bands like Dead Conspiracy, Raptor, Panzergod, Witches Mark and more so some kind of assumption of that this debut release "Shade" would be good is in this is pretty bloody good!

Both the tight and fat production and deathish black metal music is hitting hard my ear drums...only complaint is the short play time but the tracks holds well with repeated listening.

As i said this satanic assault has a shimmer (well a bit more then a shimmer though) of death metal that is nicely integrated without losing its black roots (hehe) it makes the whole sound a bit more militant and ball kicking! Guitars has a sinister and piercing tone and the drums is mixed just right not to drench the rest with its frenzied beats, vocals is strong and slimy and sits just right with the rest.

The songs brings both parts of demonic war mongering and bits that is indulging in more heavier doomy vibes. All in all a good start for this band!

...So now i hoping for some more raw meat!  ....longer meat! hehe

Track list:

1.     Obsequium In Damnatam     04:00    
2.     Crafting the Abyss     05:12    
3.     Shade     03:59    
        Total: 13:11

The tape was released by Exile Music(k).

Ah and look here! A cool t-shirt from them with my drawing on it

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