söndag 10 april 2016

Defecrator - Tales of Defecration

Last year in Northern California the band Defecrator emerged from the graveyard with members from bands like Killgasm, Rotten Funeral, Larry David (haha!crazy shit!) &  Gloriam Draconis, Valley of Thorns.

With this background one can assume that Defecrator would be pretty bad ass...and it is.
As the band name hints this music is in the bestial/death metal genre coated in Satans
cum & feces, it has both that thick churning wall buzz but incorporates a dose of interesting
and heavy death metal riffs, drums is also nice and comes through the wall without hurting
the other parts, good mixing in other words and dont fall into usual fall pits.

This demo (i could call it Ep easily) is the bands debut (it first released the first track
as digital single though) and it serves as a meaty introduction with its solid 3 songs
and a bloody cover of Condemned to Hell by Impaled Nazarene.
(Tape version through Transylvanian Tapes)

Besides the nice logo i like the hand made cover mask (made by Zachary Lopez)
 with horns and all and i hope some in the band use it during live sessions, would
look killer...as long as one can breath through it...a cool mask to die in though!

One thing that made me smile some extra was their "true to the genre" artist names like
Abhorrent Orgy Ejaculator of the Dead. Anti-Human Unholy Sexslayer of Hate, Angel Raping Invoker of Bestial Chaos, all good beastial fun!

I had a little hard time choosing the best track here but i think it is either the first one
or the third one... they all clean sweeps the room without a doubt.
Morbid evil crunching!

And i recently saw that they are planning on releasing a series of splits in the near future
so better look out for them!

Track list:
1.     Depredated        03:09    
2.     Subjugated         04:21    
3.     Purged               04:10    
4.     Condemned to Hell 03:22
        Total: 15:02

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