tisdag 26 april 2016

SIVAD - Whores of the Sabbat

Last year the debut release of this Memphis, Tennessee based horde SIVAD was released through Occult Roots Music (Diabolus Amator, A.V.D.L).

This first offering is a demo they say but i get a more "real" feel of it as it is a (looks like that anyways with that great cover art!) a proper pressed cd in crystal case... cd demos for me is like some simple cd-r in a self xeroxed paper folder with some band logo slapped on or similar...or on a tape. I am not complaining by any means as i prefer this all times over a simple cd-r thingy, i get a nice straight Ep feeling almost album as it clocks in at almost an half an hour.

Over to the important stuff - the music. What you get here is a chunk of dreadful blackened death experience!
It plays often in a mid-tempo with ugly riffings and a upset drummer...or so it seems hehe as he bangs those drums hard and nice then suddenly to burst out in some blasting infernos. Vocals is also much in mid-range dry growlings to demonic screams, all feels quite organic both in the actual playing and in production (i guess here is where the "demo" label comes in, for a real release the music would benefit with a bit more "ompf" in mixing department)

I get a nice evil war vibe from the primitive but engaging compositions  through out and even if you heard similar stuff before (they are old school after all) they have a own style and one of their strongest points for me is their diversity without leaving the genre(s).

This is a promising debut and i look forward to the coming split with Funeral of God coming this summer!

For all the satanic cellar dwellers out there in need of a gruesome fix!

Best 3 tracks is: 3,4,6

Track list:

1.     Serpents of Plague     08:04    
2.     Watchers of Satanael     04:36    
3.     In The Thralls of Heathen     05:14    
4.     Whores of the Sabbat     02:32    
5.     The Fall of Heaven's Dominion     02:07/instrumental
6.     Angels Dripping Blood     05:26    
                                Total: 27:59    

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