torsdag 14 april 2016

Immatura Morte - Perditricem Sui Possessionem

Down in Mexicos deepest...depths Immatura Morte is rising slowly up to show its ravaged face!
With rotting dead babies hanging on poisoned hooks!

This is semi-primitive, semi-melodic raw mid-tempo (more or less) hateful black metal that is dipped in the blood of slaughtered virgins....first of i really like their sound, quite raw but not in the low fuzzy raw where one barely hear anything but more in-your-face raw with nice disgusting & crunchy vibe going on. guitar and vocals is fronted as it should be but the drums is not forgotten as it is just mixed right for them to bring power to the pot. i hate when some get it wrong and the drums just rumbles like giants all over the mix and the rest is drowned...not here!

Besides the tasteful unclean production i think the vocals is the second thing i like the best here (dont know why i am dissecting like this...) it has it start in the traditional harsh BM vocals but he/it puts on his own personal touch on it which makes it quite mental disturbed and wild. in the second track he almost only sounds like a schizofrenic priest walking around talking to him self in some abandoned church...almost silly haha but it works but on the first and the last track he more or less leaves that priest he can put his sore mind on a soft pillow or something hehe.

Worth to hunt down (this version i have was out on Caligo Arcanum Productions (link below), a obscure and deranged  occult demo that makes me look forward to hear their full length "Mors Vocat Me" that was released last year (this and the first demo also was released last year) by Dementium Records AND one must take time to hunt down the split with Exumbras "From the Realm of Shadows U.C.F.N." released not long ago by Svart Hat Productions! (links below)

Track list: (track length was not to be found but they are around 6-8 minutes each)

1.     Perditricem Sui Possessionem        
2.     Lux Signifer Incarnatum        
3.     MAledictum Aeternum

*Svart Hat Prod link/mail:

*Caligo Arcanum Productions

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