torsdag 2 juni 2016

ARCADA Interview!

Luciferian magic straight from Lima Peru!

1. Greetings to Swedens own RAW WAR!

- R. Here. Salutes to RAW WAR!

2. As i know nothing really here i start with the standard questions.
Arcada started around 2012 from what i read and you three in the band has been active in bands before (and under) like Evil Spectrum, Two Face Sinner and Morbid Slaughter so i guess you met in connection with these band activities, with your own words  how did you guys talk around starting this new band? What was important to create that you could not do in the other bands? 

What does the band name mean? (love the logo by the way)

-Arcada was founded by R. and V. on late 2012.
We wanted to create a PURE Black Metal band.
The atmosphere, coldness and grimness are very important facts to us, and that needed to be reflected on our music. I was recluted by Evil Spectrum on 2014, by the time they were recording their 7" EP.
 J.K.  joined Morbid Slaughter as a replacement of their last drummer as an official member
on 2015, he remained until the band splited up. V. just supported TFS on some live shows as
 a non-official member, he never recorded anything with them. Arcada is like a sigh, a choke,
a last breath of death.

3. First demo "Aeon ov Lucifer" came out in 2013, tape and/or cd? How did you come in contact with Depressive Illusions Records?  

- V. made the contact with the label. He sent the tracks and we had a good response.
 It was released up to 100 tapes and 33 CD's on a DVD Box-Set (with a different cover-art)

4. What can you say about the songs here? Did the first songs came out like you intended?

- This tracks were a rehearsal we had with J.K (by the time as a session member).
The tracks were sort of a "prototype" for us. If you listen carefully, Prophet and Lux ov Eternity have a different structure on the next demo-tape Serpent's Void, as
we had a more concrete idea about how to perform them.

5. In 2014 "Serpent's Void" came out, was it a self released tape? How many copies and what response did you get? Clean and good style cover art.Feels like the 4 songs is placed in a dramaturgic order, was it a planned concept?

- We expected to release the second demo limited to 100 copies.
We had 40 tapes that were distributed by us and the rest were (and still)
distributed by Destruktor Records on a pro-tape version with a mini-flyer included (some of them with my blood). We distribute our material to certain people or labels, so, at the beggining Arcada was known by a small amount of people.
We had our debut opening for Inquisition where the local's seem'd to be surprised by a new BM band. Anyways, that’s the way we think a Black Metal band should act,
like a silent attack from the shadows. And yes, the order was on purpose.

6. Last year the newest release got out or really it is a cd compilation but only 3 songs? And is the Ego Sum Lucifer new or just not released earlier? What was the reason to release this mini compilation? 
Did it reach more people?

-The PROMO-MMXV wasn't a compilation, It was just a promotional CD-r to distribute
the band on a more accessible way (mail service sucks in Peru, also is expensive) to
send to other labels outside the country. So it shouldn’t be considered as an "official" release.
Ego Sum Lucifer is a new track that will be on the next 7" EP.

7. I guess new evil spells is in creation for Arcada now, what can you tell about the future music? Will there be a full album or Ep or split? 

-As I was saying on the last question, we have already recorded the songs for our next release.
The 7" EP will be available under Destruktor Records, hopefully, this year; it will contain two tracks.
The cover art was in charge of the occultist Jose Gabriel Alegria Sabogal (aka HATRUL).
We aim to release a full lenght on the future.

8. Are you in talks with some label for next release?
....And i would love to get a Arcada t-shirt or patch.

- By the time, we have signed a contract with the local label Destruktor Record's.
We haven't released any merch yet, but hopefully we will.

9. Besides Arcada is there some news you like to spread from the other bands you are active in?

- Evil Spectrum's next split with Glorification from Paraguay "Mystical Dimension of the Almighty Serpent" !

10. Thanks for your time. last scream is yours!

- 666

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