onsdag 8 juni 2016

Crematory Stench Interview!

1. Greetings into the Swedish coldness!
How is the undead life in satanic California?

A: Hails! Pretty well out here, recently getting on more serious bills!

I love Bill

2. First standard question is of course: where,when and how Crematory Stench came to existance?
Was there some weird fate that beamed members towards each others?

A: Crematory Stench started 1 years ago, took off very fast actually. It was founded by the guitarist J. Aguilar and me (E.Cruz). We got E.Barajas (guitarist) and M. Valencia(drums) about a 3 months later. Put 4 songs together.

3. Have you been able to cool down after the gig two days ago in the Death Metal invasion?
How was it all? You played last month also right?

A: Yea a really great gig! Went very well lots of people there that night.
yea we played with Hellhunter. Next month with Undergang from Denmark.
We'll be taking some time off until october and come full force for Deathhammers first ever California appearance!

4.The Fermented Remains song is filthy and heavy in that good old school way, how did you get in on this path in life?
Was there a good Death scene in Orange County that fueled your young fire back in the day? Do you remember some local band that you liked that just vanished?

A: We've always been super into old school death metal, demo tapes and lots of the newer bands like Deathcult, Venefixion, Venenum and Excoriate. So it just made sense to do Death Metal. Nothing here actually. It's quite dead as far as bands go that we are interested in.

5. How has the creative work been for this 7"? Any ups & downs?

A: Everything went smooth, Im usually in charge of the graphics and image. Song writing is left to J. Aguilar & E. Barajas. We all knew what we wanted. Days before recording the songs we spent time looking over older albums and newer albums, demo tapes etc. Chose on what we wanted and got Olof from Enforcer to mix it, Been a fan of his mixing. Wanted it to have a very old school sound, No triggers, no over the top production.

6. Did the promo get out on tape or just cd?

A: Just a CD, We handmade 10 for a show we had. Sold out the same night. The following day FDA got a hold of us and we never made more.

7. How is the rest of 2016 planned?

A: Well we have our show with Undergang and taking a break until October for Deathhammer. Using that to finish up the album. Which writing should be done by the end of 2016 and hopefully record late 2016/early 2017.

8. After this 7" what lies ahead regarding releases? full album? Split?

A: Full album

9. If you have not heard i recommend Incarceration, Pestilent Death, Carnal Tomb & God Disease

A: I'll make sure to give them a listen thanks!

10. Thanks for you time. last word is yours!

A: Cheers to all you maniacs! See you in hell

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