måndag 6 juni 2016

Svorg - In Spirit and Mist

Here we have a new band or duo i should say called Svorg and it is based in London, Repktkor (vocals & bass) comes from bands like  Nahemia, Reffus, Enjure/Injure,Exquisite Ending etc and Vali (Guitarr & drum programming) comes from somewhere...dont have any info on that. Either way last time i heard something Repktkor was involved with was the nice debut from Reffus which i liked and felt they could have some kind of future but Svorg comes on top here!

From the start you hear it is what you can guess it should be and sound like, raw second wave bm with a bleak melancholic hateful atmosphere. nothing new or original but it has plenty of bleeding convincing soul here and good cold effective riffings like in track 3, it is really feels "real" that song as the emotions gets to you as in more then one plane. track 4 & 7 is the other best tracks here but as a whole it is well balanced.
 Vocals is great with harsh raspy menacing style but also has something extra in it...how should i put it... a evident pain that comes through. Maybe Repktkors best work so far.

The digital drums works fine, nothing i get bothered by and the whole production is raw and strong. nice rough texture.

A bit primitive debut but it never forgets to put in work to do good horrific songs, dont know why but i feel that if Svorg did some concept focused album with some ambient parts and such they could work wonders...just a feeling.

I hope they will be picked up by some label and if/when they gets that i hope they do some more organic cover art as a cg cover (looks like that anyway)  never looks fine for raw black metal hehe.

Track list:

1. Dark Ritual 05:05  
2. Tears of Nature 03:45  
3. Eater of Souls 07:17  
4. Ceremony of Satanas 04:09  
5. In Spirit and Mist 04:54  
6. Silence 05:11  
7. Void of Despair 03:10  
 Total: 33:31  

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