onsdag 29 juni 2016

Korgonthurus - Vuohen siunaus

After 7 bleak years this Finnish hordes second full album sees the moon light of the night.

Last album "Marras" was one of my first listens i had with Korgonthurus and it was really good in a really
unwelcoming way with its choking harrowing sound, repeating compositions that sucked your life out.... an album that not is not for everyone but that is just as it shall be i think...music that is against its listener is one part that is very suitable for Black metal.

Now under these many years the three members have increased into five and with that a new explosive sound has evolved through the cold veins of the band, this album release as a whole feels like that they really went out to lay waste with their new power! It feels like a pretty big production with all from the high caliber artwork from Daniel Corcuera(and the sweet booklet design, but i like their original logo better) to the grand mixing that both retains the raw misanthropic old sound with a new epic war machine assault sound.

Straight from the bat you get attacked with great flesh tearing compositions that contains both heavy head banging parts as icy sorrowful strings, Corvus extremely harsh vocals is great as always and leads this genocide horde with a firm hand. You will really be run over!

No fillers here just top notch Finnish black metal from start to end..sure it is a bit easier to get into this then Marras but that wont take any quality away from Vuohen siunaus!
This album is also i feel like a crystallization of the many strong parts from Finlands great satanic musical climate and having said that this is a no brainer to go out and get this beast!


1.     Kaaos     04:58    
2.     Puhdistuksen tulet     05:55    
3.     I.K.P.N     06:45    
4.     Vuohen siunaus     05:10    
5.     Inho     04:33    
6.     Ihmisyyden raunioilla     06:48    
7.     L.U.X.     14:19    

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