fredag 22 juli 2016

Lethal Infection Interview

From the devil caves of Chile comes a new deadly virus from which you get a...

Greetings and welcome into Swedens very own RAW WAR!
How is your day?

-R:  well thanks, here with a lot of activities in relation to the band

2. Let us start off with how this band got started, when, how and why did you guys meet and start this
hellish band? Was there something personally that you felt needed to be created?

-R:  The band started in 2013, what inspired us to start was bands like Celtic Frost, Bathory and the love of music and collecting records that is where the idea started to create a band and also that was important was to try to recreate the old sound but with better production.

3. What would you say is the main focus in the lyrics and feel? What is your view on religion like
Islam,Judaism, Christianity and do you have some problems where you live from these?

-our ideas based on religion is a clear view about their total hypocrisy in the world, all in the band share that view  from the beginning as a band and hate all aberrations committed under the Inquisition and the time of the Catholic monarchs, we maintained and maintain a deep rejection of religions and similar acts in the world.

4. Is "Dark Prophecies of the end times" the coming Ep you are working on? Tell me all about it!
I heard the "Holy Pervertor" track which was nasty & great (which got me to do this interview also), nice touch with the Norwegian news report about the burning church hehe!

-exactly, we are working on an EP, which autoproductos us, we have no label behind us, because here in Chile everything related to extreme metal does not have much support so all is very much self produced, we had a good reception on the national circuit Underground bands, so we are active playing this outstanding work but we have the idea to conclude it as soon as possible

5. Is it correct also that a split with Putrid is in the works? What can you say about these songs
and what can you say about Putrid?

-in relation to putrid, we contacted travez another zine (Absit Omen web-zine), which he questions us like you now and we came up with the idea of creating this split with both sides to make a tour in the countries of Chile and Peru, we are still in talks about it, but we're excited to realize it.

6. Looks like there is some nice gigs next month! What can you say about them and what are your
personal feeling about metal fests in general?

-well actually we are determined to show our work in these long years starting from 2013
and we want to realize them at this time we have already fixed within the circuit underground bands.

7. Any band merch on its way?
-obviously when we finish our album we think of doing some, but now nothing.

8. How does rest of this year look like?

-we hope to realize recordings in relation to Ep and do more dates to tour in that we are focusing

9. Thanks for your time answering this, last word is yours!

-Thank you for taking the trouble to meet and be interested in our material from the distant lands
of Sweden, greetings and long live Satan!

*Take a listen to their Holy Pervertor here:

Band link:

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