onsdag 27 juli 2016

Unsalvation - Swansong of Zion

This Finnish band has been active since around 2011 and has before this released one demo "Fall of the Tetragrammaton" and one split "Psalms of Chaotic Darkness" with Deathcraft from Spain, what i fell for first with Unsalvation was their mix of quite doomy death metal parts and noisy war metal that is a bit like  if you take GoatPenises "Biochemterrorism"(but turn the groove into doom) and any Nyogthaeblisz release and melt them together with a blowtorch you will get something like this "Swansong of Zion" ep!

Yeah its is great in other words... or that is if you like to either ruin your good mood or if you are about to go out and bring death & chaos to "insert preferred target here".

The is ep from start to finish murders and even if it has a wall of noise the drums and guitars come through nicely and is effective and sinister, vocals is a type of low growl but often with echoes or similar effects on so it spaces out and blows around the soundscape.
The production really fits and pump up the thick disgusting heavy atmosphere so it almost becomes claustrophobic which is really fitting this type of hell music.

First i was about to moan about that no label had snatched up this creation but now i just read that it will be out on Deathcamp Rex.
Keep an eye out for it! (It will come in handy soon as the war is closing in here in Europe)

Track list:
1.     Jerusalem     01:45    
2.     Wolves of the Iron Forest     02:50    
3.     Vehement Chants Invoke the Abysmal Spirits     06:06    
4.     Behead the Subhumans     06:05    
5.     Omnipresence Eradicated by Impetuous Holocaust     08:21    
6.     Swansong of Zion     01:34    

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