torsdag 21 juli 2016

Arcada - Serpent's Void

If this second demo from Arcada is something to go by then there is quite some promise in this band.

Sure nothing original or "new" here but they serve up a solid sincere stab of second wave black metal,
no fun, no mosh only grim reaping here!

All songs goes in a mid-fast tempo and the overall atmosphere is bleak and quite melancholic. The guitars
 parts is pretty simple but they use the chords with good taste and it provokes a semi melodious (but
 far from pretty) and effective dark reverbance, drums do their job well and dont take over or disappears.
Vocals is a raspy gloomy classic bm vocals (some spoken passages also) & works great, the music reminds me to some extent to Drowning the Light which is very nice in my book.

These for songs is all good through out (and all visuals is neat & fits well together with music) but i think the
last two gives the strongest impact, if there where something i could wish for to the coming releases is that they find their own expression even more, that combined with their already proven musical talent they could become a new shining morning star!

By all means hunt down this release you wont regret it, get the Promo MMXV if can also

Track list:
1.     Prophet        
2.     Luciferi Reditu        
3.     Lux ov Eternity        
4.     Serpent's Void

Released by Destruktor Records

Band link:

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