lördag 23 juli 2016

LASTER - De verste verte is hier

Atmospheric Black Metal nowadays seems to more then often be stained with shoegazing/post black core bullshit (sure it can be done great but i rather have them more separated in their own playfields) and so too is Laster...BUT it is done great and those inspirations is not too obnoxious, often these mixtures becomes very hipster pretentious...very much the "emperor's new soo avantgarde clothes syndrome" that i rather eat my own shoe then listen to.

Laster plays rather in a convincing & emotive and harsh style (but the production have a kind cloudy filter to it so the harshness is to a extent buried) with long songs that builds up tension great with inclusions of effective outros (with piano/organ etc) that binds together it all to a neat little shady package... but on the last song they shit in their pants...they should not included that one i think. it breaks off to much from the other music in both genre and style...sounds more like some New order song dipped in washed out sulphur.

The themes is not seemingly satanic (i am no good at Dutch) but rather negative and existentialistic and that is fine and fits the music.

So all in all (excluding track 4) this is a competent modernistic atmospheric release, sure it can feel a bit pretentious but not too much for me this time.


1.     Alles wat mij bevalt, ontvalt me     13:37    
2.     Tot de tocht ons verlicht     10:03      
3.     Ik - mijn masker     15:03      
4.     De verste verte is hier     06:05    

Released by:
  Dunkelheit Production

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