fredag 29 juli 2016

Korgonthurus Interview 2016

This Finnish horde don´t need no further introduction!

1. Hailz!
Last time we spoke was in september of 2013 so its been awhile.
back then you had just recently had your first live gig in five years and felt
pumped for more live rituals. Have you played live much these last 3 years and was there some
highlights and/or the opposite?

Necron: We haven't done that many gigs in the last years. One of the definite highlights was Under the Black Sun Festival. Good to see the positive response from the audience.

2. Talking about having a full line-up the i guess the band dynamic transforms,
what would you say has changed in the core of Korgonthurus with the new blood, is there a chain of command?

Necron: I wouldn't say that we have a chain of command, but majority of the songs are done by Corvus and Kryth. Otherwise we are quite democratic band. With the new blood we have gotten some new insights to the songs.

3. The new album really kills! It has a more headbanging infusion into the music a bit more like the start of the band rather then the more longer, bleaker hypnotic structure of like the Marras album, how did you talk around this change or did that just happened with the new members involvement? 
Besides listening to the album this rockier style fits the stage great.

Necron: Most of the songs in "Vuohen Siunaus" are from the time before the new members were recruited.
I don't feel that we have changed during the years, only evolved with our playing and composing skills.

4. Could you introduce the new members, what they do and their past crimes.

Necron: Well, Saturnus is a long time friend of ours, also familiar from Nordlys and Horna former
 guitarist in his past. Incisura, we recruited him originally to play live guitar for the mini tour
that we were suppose to have with slovenian band Somrak.

5. Could you speak some about the the split North Karelian Black Winds that came out in 2013 and also some about the Ikuisuuden arvet (Alternate Version).

Necron: Not much to say, North Karelian Black Winds is basically a compilation from the one festival
where we were headliners. "Ikuisuuden arvet" is basically a re-re-release of the promo/demo.

6. Going back to the new album, how was the actual work experience and (i cant read much Finnish) what does the album title means and what is the direction of the main lyrical content?

Necron: " Vuohen Siunaus" - " Blessing of the Goat". As you can imagine, main lyrical content is around satanism.

7.How does the rest of this year look like? 
Where will you play next?

Necron: So far nothing confirmed yet.
At the moment we are composing new material for the third full length.

8. Thanks again for your time.

Necron: Hail Satan !

Here is a link to my first interview with Korgonthurus:

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