söndag 31 juli 2016

IAD - Ad abolendam

IAD is a underground black metal band from Germany and has been active since around 2001, now very soon they will release a 7" picture disc consisting of two satanic rituals....and that 7" is what i will write about now if you have not figured that out by now.

The first and title track "Ad abolendam" is a very effective song with great tribal drummings that evokes a feeling of an ever closing danger, the guitars they too mix from dramatic haunting & somewhat dissonant sound to some grand smokey chuggings, witchy ghastly vocals croaks in and out the production. Also some nice samples for infusing dark atmosphere, satanic and demonic just as i like it. well made song from start to finish.

Next song "erwachen der alten" continue with similar style but includes some major bestial war metal stuff so one can say first track was the gathering of hell spawns this track is where they unleash the massacre! Solid slaughter even if it is not as engaging as the first one...

Here over looks like a new band logo also

Production does it job well with both enough clarity without loosing the rawness and power in it.

All in all this is a nasty and  possessed release that is well worth your pennies...and gets you wanting more from IAD! 

And also this is a good start to get into this horde.

It will  be released via Hatework label next week!

Have listen here:


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