måndag 5 september 2016

4 X TAPE Reviews !!!

Hostium - Pissing Incest on the Virginborn (4 tracks): Strong impressive demo, cold and melancholic raw hate that strike you down song after song, Hostium is one of the strongest new black metal bands from Canada so if you find this tape just get it!...then hunt down the album "The Bloodwine of Satan" Dont need to say no more.

This tape was released by Vanguard Productions & The True Plague

Absintdebellum - Demo MMXIII (5 tracks): Prepare for some dirty and raw blackened death metal, they have a ugly sound almost one can feel the flesh fall off the bones! It has a heavy sound overall but its backed by some menacing blasting drums and disgusting vocals. You dont feel far from war hearing this demo, chaos and fire! Great rumbling Start!

Released by Unholy Black Abyss

Exumbras/Immature Morte  - From the Realm of Shadows U.C.F.N (5 tracks): Exumbras start this split with its traditional raw smoky negative style, it wanders from grave to grave. the moon is turned red and life is running out. It two rituals has both primitive and occult atmosphere.Second song is the strongest i think with its bleak and drowning effect it has on your mood.
Then it is Immature Morte turn and they blast off with a mighty destruction of occult rawness that make you loose your teeth! I love the messy and chaotic production and deliverance! They sound pretty evil i might add...even monstrous !
Last on the b-side there is a fantastic song which is made by both bands! a epic satanic mass ritual for this Age of Aquarius!

Released by Svart Hat Productions

Megalith Grave - Cursed in Ethereal Elapse (5-tracks): MG plays in a lo-fi raw satanic style with has flair for putting me into a claustrophobic state..like i getting hammered in the head deep non-stop inside a bat infested cave...primitive and unflattering assult in other words! Besides my torment i enjoyed this tape-in-a-zip release! I feel the first part is the strongest though.Another plus is the exuberance of  mystery Megalith Grave have and after hearing this tape i must try to get more from this one man band (Gamol is the mad man in question)

Released by Defiled Light

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