måndag 5 september 2016

Cruda Sorte - Nekrolog

Cruda Sorte plays here a kind of progressive dark rock with metal influences i say, i would not call this album really black metal but some might put it in the genre of some post black metal i guess.

Either way their sound is quite nice and gloomy and i enjoyed it quite much even if this is not a genre i am into that much but then again this release proves that it can be done in more ways then...i am used to hear...not that Cruda Sorte sound very different but their craft and atmosphere is solid and dont stroke me in the wrong way.

The songs are pretty lengthy and the compositions mixes sweeping gloomy melodic bits (mainly the guitar and drums i feel drives it all forward) and then throws in some tempo changes to the more jammy rocking bits and i get a bit of a 70´s vibe here...which could ruin it all but it does not at all.
They play very professional.
Vocals are in the upset/complaining ghasting vein rather then raspy BM croaks, the lyrics themselves is in Germanic so i cant really say anything about them but the statement written on the back "Time is without hope...
...total destruction of matter" i assume the lyrics is in similar negative existential direction.

I remember now that i heard some songs on their "Innozenz" album from 2014 and i think i liked the creations better there...from what i remember they had a more black evil sound and approach...

All in all this is a good release and perhaps great for the fans of this type of style, for me personally i like the forth track the best, it has some really great parts in it and one is left with a lasting positive impression of the band.

Track list:

1.     Proloqvivm     02:00       instrumental
2.     Dictatvra     10:33    
3.     Necrologia     09:19    
4.     Aevitas     12:35    

Released by :
Nihilistische KlangKunst & Narbentage Produktionen


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