fredag 3 februari 2017

Heaving Earth - Denouncing the Holy Throne

Here we have another black gem from Lavadome Productions!

This is the blistering second full album by the Czech Republican band Heaving Earth from 2015!

This is my first experience with them but after hearing this one i will try to hunt down some more from them as this is a death fest in the realm of Morbid Angle, Immolation and similar.

Besides the heavy and dark death metal vibes there is a great dose of murdering technicality infused into each track, and no i would not label it as "tech-death" as they retain their heritage of old monstrous death metal gods plus they dont just hyper masturbate for the sake of it... all works to each other benefits and just heightens the atmosphere and pushes tension to max! The guitars are perhaps the biggest thing that makes my blood boil here but all the members are top of the death-chain!
They deliver the deadly goods all around!

Hard hitting and swirling tornado of utter destruction!

Production is strong and lets both the low and dirty vocals to rumble in dirt as the instruments is tight and clean, i myself like all kind of productions all from the rawest shit to the cleanest sword as long as it is fitted for the actual music and this album is just right in those aspects.

You can go no wrong with this album if you are after some high quality death metal, just get it!

Best songs for me is 1, 7 & 11 but there is no weak point here so...

Track list:

1.     The Final Crowning     06:07      
2.     Nailed to Perpetual Anguish     04:45    
3.     Doomed Before Inception     03:40      
4.     And the Mighty Shall Fall     01:41       instrumental
5.     Worms of Rusted Congregation     05:31    
6.     ...into the Sea of Fire     00:40       instrumental
7.     Forging Arcane Heresy     04:38      
8.     I Am Nothing     05:57    
9.     Into the Depths of Abomination     06:17      
10.     ...Where the Purified Essence Descends Ablaze     01:50       instrumental
11.     Jesus Died     07:35       Show lyrics
12.     Endless Procession of the Holy Martyrs / Final Termination     02:26       instrumental

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