onsdag 7 november 2012

Mgla - Groza (2008)

First i must say that i have always liked Mgła from the start with the "Presence" Ep (etc) but i think this album "Groza" is this two-member bands first musical achievement that comes close to its underground hype!

The album has only four songs (36 min) but each one of them is very rich in tremolo texture and bitter poetic taste, every song builds up the atmosphere effectively and the distorted guitars and distorted aura is deeply carved into the moment. This record is something you should take some extra time with not that it is especially hard to get into but it gives out more then one maby can think first...(that is also true to many other albums too of course.)

The singing is in traditional raspy black metal style but it fits just right, its underlines the harshness well.
The music is a bit raw but at the same time clear and the bass is something one can hear and it works nice. The whole sound feels depressive but then strong, hatefull but then not blind. It has almost two sides of everything and it is quite rare thing.... and the lyrics is worth reading i must say and if one like to dig even deeper into the philosophy of this work you will find many "real" poetic references.

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