tisdag 27 november 2012

Mephorash - Chalice of Thagirion

If you are looking to get your Qliphoth kicks this is a good year for just that!

Ofermod recently gave birth to its Thaumiel and now the Uppsala horde releases its second album "Chalice of Thagirion", sure the two bands have their own distinct sound but i think it would not hurt (your senses) to play them one after another.
While Ofermods goes for a more mature and schooled evil music Mephorash is like the young maniac son that goes for your throat with a big meatknife right away!

It feels like some kind of deviant fire was in play when they concived all the tracks on this album, straight after the cries from a new born the thundering blasbeats, speeding guitar slashes and powerfull high-pitch screams comes out with no end in sight! It all feels like an big twitching and turning spell of fire!

 With just a couple of moody intermissions to get your feet back on the ground one could be in need of a cold beer or two after record has ended. It is quite an explosive ride!

Track list:
1.     Chalice of Thagirion        
2.     Corpus Christi        
3.     From Orcus Into Erebos        
4.     Membrorum Defecerit        
5.     νεκρος        
6.     Radiance from the Sacred Shine        
7.     Servant        
8.     Legion, for we are Many        
9.     Descension of Daath        
10.     The Odius Gospels        
11.     Ain Soph        

The stand out songs for me is the first one & the fourth and track number ten, these three songs shows also some of the vigor and variations that they possess but it would not harm if they where even more present overall on the album.
The production is strong and loud and quite modern and it works fine, no instrument is left in the dark.

While the music is traditional highspeed violent black-metal it sounds that they have intentions to expand  and explore their dark visions even further so keep an eyes on Mephorash in the future too!

And a big hail also to Thagirion that keep these soldiers together for future wars to come!!

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