måndag 5 november 2012

Tribulation - The Horror

After a weekend of partymayhem combined with the two final days in the studio i was (read now) like a ghost of my former self.... i really needed (except vitamins) a kick in my ass!

And this time (last time it was Hellhammer) it is the debut album from Tribulation (2009) that kickstarts my zombie-heart up through the wormy cemetery ground and up into the corps cold night sky like a belgianblue-bat!!

This is a intense record of slobbering horror/trash/death-metal straight from the belly of an berserking ogre! Fast and relentless!

It is easy to see(hear) that these swedish boys has been worshiping bands like Morbid Angel/ Possessed and Kreator etc,  they did not just settle with doing something just like them instead they dragged out the best and meaty parts and then brought in their own horror vibe.
 Fat & manic guitar riffings fly around like twisters and the drums blast and beats the living down into the coffin in style! The snarling and aggressive singing works just as good one could hope for.
It is a great production too where everything is perfectly fitted into the chaos whithout being clean and boring, it is obvious that the band knew precisly what they wanted and how to get it!

It is a fairly short album that ends after around 32 minutes but it does not bother one too much because you gladly put it on repeat! The layers in the songs is just deep enough for it too keep being interesting for a long time ahead.

track list:
1.     Into the Jaws of Hell - instrumental
2.     Crypt of Thanatophilia    
3.     Curse of Resurrection    
4.     Beyond the Horror    
5.     The Vampyre    
6.     Sacrilegious Darkness    
7.     Spawn of the Jackal          
8.     Seduced by the Smell of Rotten Flesh    
9.     Graveyard Ghouls

And do i have to mention the super artwork?

Now how should manage to find their Ep 7" "Putrid Rebirth"?

...and i hear little birds talking about a new record in the works now...

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